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Charles Moore

Consultant Partner

Charles has spent his career specialising in all aspects of film and television production, finance and distribution and is widely regarded as one of the UK’s leading figures in entertainment law.

“It was my love of cinema that first drove me to become an entertainment lawyer, to obtain an additional qualification in California and to become a studio executive at Paramount and Twentieth Century Fox in Los Angeles to supplement my early experience in private practice working with independent producers. It was that unique business and legal experience which enabled me to build a significant practice on returning to the UK, advising major US studios and broadcasters on their UK and European productions and representing leading UK independent producers and distributors on their deals with Hollywood. Based on that foundation, I set up the Film and TV Group at Wiggin in 2004 and continued to use my expertise and wide industry connections to build a formidable practice, including most of the US studios, broadcasters and platforms and many of the leading independent film and TV production companies.

In a bid to attract the major US TV broadcasters to the UK and to discourage the domestic TV production companies from accessing production incentives elsewhere, I initiated the lobbying of the UK Government in 2011 for a new TV incentive for the UK and then played a leading role in the consultation process that resulted in the introduction of the UK High End TV Tax Credit in 2012, which has revolutionised the UK TV sector.

Using my connections and dealmaking skills, I have acted as Executive Producer of films such as “History Boys”, “The Lady In The Van” and “The Children Act” and established Viewfinder Films, a Wiggin-owned business which assists producers source funding and distribution for their projects.

I am also a Board Member of the British Film Commission which has a remit to maximise and support international feature film and TV production in the UK.

As someone with experience of working within the studio system and engaging outside counsel, I fully understand the need for excellent service and pragmatic, commercial and cutting-edge advice, which underlies everything we have built in the Film & TV Group and across the firm. I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved in representing the very best producers, financiers and distributors in our sector, but remain passionate about ensuring that we continue to evolve alongside our clients in an industry which is changing on a daily basis.”

He is an absolute leading figurehead of the industry. He has incredible commercial knowledge and is involved in determining regulations that shape the entire sector.

Chambers UK, 2022