Wiggin’s culture is unique among law firms – both in what we expect from our people and the way we create value in the industries we serve. We empower people early, expect commitment and excellence, and celebrate when we achieve it.

We’re deeply involved in the media, technology and IP landscapes, constantly engaged in the challenges they present, and always look to the future to understand what’s coming next for our clients’ businesses.

Our focus means much of our work is more commercial than outright legal. If you want a regular law firm, it’s not us.

There isn’t a typical Wiggin person. We aim to build teams that are diverse in thought, perspective and experience to provide a more rounded service to our internal and external clients.

In practice, that means that we work as one to serve our clients and prioritise being a great place to work. We’re always respectful of our colleagues and clients, recognising the many different talents needed to build a brilliant team and always try to do the right thing, no matter what. We aim for excellence, whether it’s in our service to clients or the knowledge we share with the industry.

Our values aren’t something we’re willing to compromise, no matter how difficult the situation.

But it's not all work...

We run our own music festival, Wigstock, every two years and host regular events at our in-house pub, The Wiggin Arms. We have an active sports scene with a football team, ski trips, and annual cycle challenges, with past routes including Cheltenham to Dublin and London to Paris. Our LGBTQIA+ network organises events for Pride and our Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage network raises awareness and showcases culture across the firm. Our community team arranges volunteering projects that everyone can take part in, whether it’s ad-hoc sessions to make a difference in our local areas or helping students at one of our CV clinics. The charity committee creates challenges year-round to fundraise for our firmwide charity which we vote on annually. There are endless opportunities to join-in which are well attended and offer a great chance to get to know each other outside of the workplace.

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