Sharing our expertise

Our pro bono work makes our specialist legal services available to philanthropic organisations.

Whether it’s large charities that want to spend their donations on changing the world, or small organisations who find themselves in legal difficulties, our aim is to provide our pro bono clients with exactly the same triple-A level of service we give our paying clients.

We’re devoting up to 5% of our time to pro bono work

We want to help like-minded organisations that have a social or environmental impact and can really benefit from the areas we excel at – media, technology and IP. So we’ve set up a programme to devote up to 5% of our time to pro bono work. That’s £1.75 million of specialised legal advice that’s now available to businesses who need our help. We can’t wait to see the good that comes of it.

Ndlovu Youth Choir

We’re delighted to have advised the Ndlovu Youth Choir from Limpopo, South Africa, a not-for-profit community venture which began as an after-school programme for orphaned and vulnerable children but has since transformed into an international recording and touring group.