About us The Wiggin Charitable Foundation

The Wiggin Charitable Foundation aims to support and enhance opportunities for individuals and organisations in the digital entertainment and creative arts industries.

Wiggin has actively participated in charitable endeavours for many years. In 2021, we decided to formalise and build on the way in which we achieve our aims by setting up The Wiggin Charitable Foundation (TWCF), which now lies at the heart of our charitable efforts. TWCF is a registered charity, governed by internal and external trustees.

Financial assistance

TWCF provides financial support and charitable giving through impact grants, matched funding and nominated giving:

    • Impact grants are intended to create, support and/or further opportunities for individuals and/or organisations in the music, film, tv, gaming and wider digital entertainment industries, who would otherwise find it difficult to access funding.
    • TWCF supports Wiggin employees in their charitable endeavours by matching staff contributions.
    • The Foundation also works with Wiggin’s Charity Committee to make an annual donation to a nominated cause (or causes), voted for by all members of Wiggin’s staff.


Supporting with our time

We recognise that financial contributions can only do so much and we actively encourage our employees to get involved wherever possible. We’re lucky to have an eclectic group of enthusiastic people at Wiggin, whose diverse skills we can draw upon. Impact grants in particular provide an opportunity for both our lawyers and business management staff to get involved – from taking an active role in administering funding to delivering mentoring and support and providing access to resources and wider industry networks and events. Where possible The Foundation also works alongside members from Wiggin’s pro-bono, sustainability, and community volunteering groups.

This approach is intended to ensure we build long lasting and meaningful relationships with grant recipients, and also to provide Wiggin staff with opportunities to develop their wider skills and play a direct role in social responsibility initiatives.

How to apply for impact grants

Applications for impact grants can be referred to The Wiggin Charitable Foundation by emailing: WigginFoundation@wiggin.co.uk. Applications are reviewed every 4-6 months – TWCF will be in touch if we’re able to offer assistance.