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Michael Browne


Michael advises on the enforcement and exploitation of all forms of intellectual property, as well as competition law issues which frequently arise in IP matters.

“IP is the driving force behind today’s economy.

I help clients to make the most of their IP by putting in place the right agreements to get their products and services to market on the right terms, as well as defending their rights when competitors step over the line.

I have more than a decade of experience working with clients from a range of IP-rich industries including fashion, technology, computer games and sports, to name a few.

My transactional IP work often has an international flavour, and I have particular experience in helping clients to establish international distribution networks and franchise operations.

Where a dispute cannot be avoided, I am able to draw on considerable litigation experience from cases I have undertaken across the English and EU IP courts and registries, as well as my involvement in cross-border arbitrations and mediations, to identify the right strategy for a given scenario and commercial objective.

IP is a constantly evolving field and I enjoy contributing to the development of the law in this area through my involvement in organisations such as UNION-IP (for which I am currently the GB Group Council member and Honorary Secretary), the Competition Law Association (of which I was the National Reporter General for several years) and CIPA. I also enjoy helping to train the next generation of IP lawyers in my role as a visiting lecturer on the Oxford University Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Law and Practice, where I teach IP Litigation and design law.”


Michael Browne has outstanding judgment, huge experience, able to synthesize and analyse complex technical and legal cases to cut through to the important issues.

Legal 500, 2023