Expertise Technology Rights Protection

Technology defines how we live. It enables our social life, our work and our play. It runs operations behind the scenes, it makes our products function, and it puts entertainment in our hands.

And it affects every business. Without exception.

Whether you are undertaking cutting-edge R&D and making ground-breaking inventions, or simply trying to bring your services to a broader audience – if you are using technology then you are using intellectual property.

It may be the IP is in technology that belongs to you. Or perhaps it is someone else’s IP that you really need to use. Either way, your business needs to know what it is, and how best to handle it.

Our lawyers have been working with technology clients for years and across the broadest spectrum of IP advisory work.

We have market leading experience helping clients in a variety of sectors – from software suppliers and games producers, to online content generators, engineering innovators and financial institutions.

At Wiggin we understand that when it comes to technology, any technology, IP is central.

Your business may be big or small. Your work may be a deal or a dispute. No matter the context, our IP specialists are experts on the law and passionate about the technology.