Insights Ofcom assesses relationship between BritBox and the BBC’s Public Service activities


Ofcom has published its assessment of the relationship between BritBox, the proposed new streaming service from ITV and the BBC, and the BBC’s publicly funded activities.

Ofcom is required to make this assessment under the Charter and Agreement. Ofcom has provisionally found that:

  • the BBC’s proposed involvement is unlikely to distort the market; and
  • BritBox is unlikely to gain an unfair competitive advantage as a result of its relationship with the BBC’s public service work.

Ofcom has therefore provisionally concluded that the BBC’s involvement in the BritBox service is not a material change to its commercial activities, and no further assessment is required ahead of its launch.

Ofcom will publish a final decision by early September, taking account of any further industry feedback and evidence. To access Ofcom’s assessment, click here.