Expertise Content-Rich Technology

We are amidst a revolutionary wave of digital technologies and content profoundly influencing, augmenting, and sometimes challenging the way we consume content and even our very perception of reality. Encompassing virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, along with innovations like mid-air haptics and 4D audio, increasingly immersive digital experiences are redefining the way we interact with the digital world.

As a firm deeply rooted in media, technology, and intellectual property, we stand out as the go-to destination form for clients adopting content-rich technologies in navigating the digital landscape. With a rich history of counselling creative sectors at the intersection of groundbreaking technologies and content, we are uniquely positioned to guide clients through the legal intricacies posed by immersive technologies. Our recent endeavours include providing regulatory counsel to DxR businesses and crafting tailored legal documentation to address the challenges arising from DxR innovations.

What sets us apart is our forward-looking approach and extensive experience advising some of the most innovative tech businesses for over 30 years. Confronting novel challenges posed by emerging technologies is our forte, and our expertise allows us to devise innovative solutions. We pride ourselves on demystifying the complexities of technology and legal jargon, ensuring our clients receive clear and practical advice tailored to their specific needs.

We can help with:

  • commercial and regulatory aspects of content-rich technology creation and distribution arrangements
  • regulatory compliance for DxR businesses
  • creating and negotiating legal frameworks addressing DxR innovations
  • transactions involving content-rich technology businesses
  • legal considerations for businesses in the metaverse