Insights IMPRESS reminds publishers of the importance of respecting social distancing law during the COVID-19 public health crisis


Following concerns about the adherence of some journalists and photographers to social distancing rules, IMPRESS has released an Advisory Notice to remind publishers of the importance of acting responsibly during the COVID-19 pandemic. There have been recent documented instances of gatherings attended by numbers of journalists. It is also clear that there have been gatherings of members of the public for leisure purposes or on demonstrations where the law on social distancing has not been observed. While properly seeking to report such matters in the public interest, journalists and photographers should not appear to condone such breaches by blatantly disregarding the law themselves.

Ed Procter, Chief Executive Officer, said: “News reporting on Covid-19 related events on the ground presents challenges for journalists and photographers. But high standards of journalism and responsible reporting are crucial if the public is to trust the media during a public health crisis. Journalists and photographers have certain privileges as key workers, but those do not entitle them to break the law that others must abide by.”

IMPRESS has also made available a COVID-19 guidance page with a series of resources on standards and responsible reporting. To access the Advisory Notice and the guidance page, click here.