Insights European Commission publishes 2024 work programme


On 17 October, the European Commission published its 2024 work programme. The programme reflects on the Commission’s achievements of the last four years, stating in its press release that 90% of the commitments made in 2019 have been delivered. The programme contains a limited number of new initiatives that are still needed to deliver on past commitments, but the focus is on mainly on existing legislative proposals that the Commission is eager finalise before the European elections in June 2024.

Items mentioned under the heading “A Europe Fit for the Digital Age” include the pending proposals on AI, the ongoing update to EU designs, defective products, e-privacy and toy safety legislation and the preparation of the ground for possible policy and regulatory actions regarding digital networks and infrastructure, to facilitate cross-border infrastructure operators in the EU, accelerate deployment of technologies and attract more capital into networks. Elsewhere there are references to the upcoming Cyber Resilience Act and Cyber Solidarity Act, countering foreign information manipulation and interference, removal of terrorist content online and combatting child sex abuse.  The Commission highlights the need to protect the freedom and independence of journalists and for co-legislators to reach agreement on the Directive on strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPPs) and the Media Freedom Act.

Outside of these areas, there are references to several initiatives under the heading of “A European Green Deal”, several initiatives aimed at reducing red tape for businesses (this includes the Fitness Check of EU Consumer Law on digital fairness announced in 2022) and addressing skills gaps.

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