Insights UK Music reports on its Chief Executive, Jamie Njoku-Goodwin, giving evidence to Committee of MPs outlining the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the music industry


As UK Music explains in its article, the cross-party Science, Innovation and Technology Select Committee is conducting an inquiry into the Governance of AI and is looking at the impact of AI in the creative industries, as well as the implications for intellectual property (IP).

Mr Njoku-Goodwin told the Committee: “Across the industry there has been an appetite to be using new tech and innovations…where there’s been concern is in terms of how that interacts with rightsholders and copyright”. He added: “I think it’s a basic principle that if you are using someone else’s work, you need permission for that and you need to be observing and respecting the copyright”.

The UK Music Chief Executive said: “I’d split it into two when it comes to AI and the music industry. There is AI as an assistive tool and AI in terms of generative. In terms of as an assistive tool the industry has been embracing technology and innovation for decades. We use AI in terms of identifying copyright infringement, using it in terms of looking at audience analytics, business models. Across the industry there has been a real appetite to be using new technologies and innovations. … where there has been a lot more concern is where it’s going in terms of generative AI. Particularly how that interacts with rightsholders and the current copyright regime.”

Mr Njoku-Goodwin added: “The key thing is that we grow our AI sector in tandem with the creative industries and ensure we have those right frameworks in place. The creative sector supports millions of jobs. It’s really important we have these conversations.”

Mr Njoku-Goodwin ended by saying that some felt as if the creative industries had not been fully included in the debate on AI, despite the huge impact it would have on the sector. To read UK Music’s article in full, click here.