Insights UK Creative Industries Independent Standards Authority (“CIISA”) to start considering cases from next year

The stated aim of the CIISA, established in 2022, is to uphold and improve standards of behaviour across the film, TV, theatre and music industries and to prevent and tackle all forms of bullying and harassment including bullying and harassment of a discriminatory nature. The CIISA is backed by a number of industry companies and bodies including Channel 4, ITV, BBC, BAFTA, BPI, the National Theatre, Paramount and Sky. Funding for the CIISA will be from an independent CIISA finance board.

The CIISA will offer a confidential advice line for both individuals and employers, mediation, dispute resolution, support navigating the criminal justice system, investigations, data and insights and advocacy (e.g. preventing the misuse of NDAs, better protections for freelancers, and promoting inclusivity such as by the wider adoption of the Anti-Racism Code being developed by Black Lives in Music).

The UK’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport announced on 29 September 2023 that the CIISA will be ready to start hearing cases in 2024.

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