Insights Terrorist content: Microsoft partners with Tech Against Terrorism (“TAT”)


TAT, an independent non-profit founded by the UN in 2016, offers threat analysis, shares knowledge, and develops technical solutions aimed at disrupting terrorist and violent extremist use of the internet. It provides the Terrorist Content Analytics Platform (“TCAP”), a repository of verified and classifiable content from terrorist and violent extremist organisations, which can be used as a platform moderation tool enabling the swift detection and removal of terrorist content.

TAT and Microsoft recently announced a partnership to pilot the use of AI to detect terrorist and violent extremist content (“TVEC”) for subsequent human review. Microsoft will have access to the TCAP to enhance the capabilities of its Azure AI Content Safety system, which currently tracks TVEC across text, images, video and other content types. The parties will use the TCAP dataset and the latest generative AI models to assess and enhance the Azure AI Content Safety system. If successful, the tool could be made available to smaller platforms and non-profits. TAT states that AI safety and detection accuracy will be priorities during the pilot.

The parties aim to report on the pilot in six months.

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