Insights Ofcom publishes update on its “Open Communications” consultation

In 2020, Ofcom consulted on its initial thoughts about a potential initiative to enable people to share data about their communications services, for example the price they pay and when their contract will end, with comparison sites or other providers. They could then receive more relevant recommendations about the best products for their needs or tailored offers from providers.

Ofcom has now summarised the responses it received to the consultation. It says that the responses have helped it to understand what data mobility could mean for the telecoms and pay-TV markets, and gauge whether comparison sites and others would consider using Open Communications data to innovate. However, Ofcom has not made any policy proposals or reached any decisions at this stage.

The UK Government’s Smart Data Review is considering legislation to enable data mobility initiatives, and Ofcom awaits the outcome of that review. To access Ofcom’s update, click here.