Insights Ofcom publishes methodology for determining qualifying services for listed events


Ofcom explains that the listed events rules are intended to ensure that certain events of national interest are available to view live, and for free, by the widest possible audience.

The list of events is set by the Secretary of State and currently includes major sporting events, including the FIFA World Cup Final and Wimbledon Tennis.

Ofcom’s role is to maintain a list of television channels that appear to it to meet certain qualifying criteria: that they are free-to-view and received by 95% of the UK population. Those television channels that meet these two criteria are known as “qualifying services”.

In light of developments in how people now watch TV, in particular the increase in online viewing and the use of devices other than television sets, Ofcom considered it necessary to update the list of qualifying services.

Ofcom has now published its methodology to determine the revised list of qualifying services, and having applied it, its updated list of channels that are free-to-view and received by 95% of the UK population. To access Ofcom’s statement, click here.