Insights Ofcom announces fourth round of applications for small-scale DAB licences now open


Applications for small-scale DAB multiplex licences under Ofcom’s fourth round of the rollout are now open, covering areas from East Fife in Scotland to the Ards Peninsula in Northern Ireland, and from Anglesey in Wales to Wolverhampton in England.

Ofcom explains that small-scale DAB is an innovative technology which provides ultra-local digital radio stations with a low-cost route to air. Each multiplex will allow several stations to take to the digital airwaves, including grass-roots community services, specialist music stations, and services aimed at minority groups and other under-served audiences.

Ofcom’s rollout of small-scale DAB will enable the launch of around 200 multiplexes, covering all four UK nations.

Ofcom has also announced that round five of the small-scale DAB licensing process, commencing in 2023, will cover London and the South East. For further information, click here.