Insights International Olympic Committee Esports Commission reports on the creation of Olympic esports games


As previously reported by Wiggin, the International Olympic Committee (“IOC”) Esports Commission has been considering the creation of “Olympic Esports Games” by the IOC. This commission includes stakeholders of the Olympic Movement as well as games publishers, teams and other esports experts.

According to the communique of the 12th Olympic Summit held on 5 December 2023, a meeting involving the leading representatives of the Olympic movement, the Chair of the IOC Esports Commission stated that the “Olympic Esports Games” project has been positively received with enthusiasm by the different representatives of the esports community. The Chair reaffirmed that such “Olympic Esports Games” would be guided by the Olympic values, and that only electronic games that are aligned with the Olympic values will be taken into consideration. Furthermore, IFs (international federations) that are already engaged in an e-version of their sport would be the IOC’s first go-to partners. The IOC will also strive for gender equality in esports as well the inclusion of people with disabilities.

The Summit noted that “Olympic Esports Games” would, by their nature, have to be organised by the IOC under a new structure, different from the traditional one structure for Olympic Games.

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