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Peter Lewin


Peter is a commercial and regulatory lawyer with nearly a decade of experience working in the video games and wider interactive entertainment industry.

I work with businesses of all sizes throughout the entire interactive entertainment industry, including game developers, publishers and distributors to esports and tech businesses. I specialise in commercial deals negotiation, particularly games publishing and licensing, intellectual property exploitation and games-related regulation.

The games industry is constantly evolving, which keeps it such an exciting place to work in. I particularly enjoy helping clients navigate novel commercial and legal challenges, whether that’s due to the utilisation of developing technologies such as AI and blockchain, new distribution methods and monetisation models, or expansion into territories with complex local regulatory environments like China.

I’m also an avid gamer, which means I’m able to quickly understand a client’s product and get to the issue at hand. This also provides me with a solid perspective on industry trends and latest market practice, which I regularly layer into my advice.”

Peter Lewin is very clever, creative and to-the-point

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