HomeInsightsHouse of Commons Science and Technology Committee launches inquiry into the governance of artificial intelligence (AI)


The Committee explains that in July 2022 the Government set out its emerging thinking on how it would regulate the use of AI. It is expected to publish proposals in a White Paper later this year, which the Committee would examine in its inquiry.

Used to spot patterns in large datasets, make predictions, and automate processes, AI’s role in the UK economy and society is growing, the Committee says. However, there are concerns around its use. MPs will examine the potential impacts of biased algorithms in the public and private sectors. A lack of transparency on how AI is applied and how automated decisions can be challenged will also be investigated.

Further, MPs will explore how risks posed to the public by the improper use of AI should be addressed, and how the Government can ensure AI is used in an ethical and responsible way.

The Committee is seeking evidence on the current governance of AI, whether the Government’s proposed approach is the right one, and how their plans compare with other countries. Evidence can be submitted until 25 November 2022. To read the Committee’s news release in full and for a link to the call for evidence, click here.