Insights Government publishes proposals for new Electronic Communications Code.

Since the Electronic Communications Code was created in 1984, digital communications have changed the world, the Government explains.  Digital technology is now integrated into everyday life and citizens see fast broadband and reliable mobile phone signal as a basic need.

The Government is therefore putting forward this package of legislative reforms to improve the case for private investment in digital infrastructure.  This will, it says, help communications providers to extend coverage and improve connectivity, even in the hardest to reach areas.

The reforms include a major change to the rights communications providers have to access land by moving to a “no scheme” basis for valuation, similar to the system used for utilities.  Communications providers will also have new rights to upgrade and share their equipment, which will allow future technologies to be rolled out quickly.

These reforms, along with other changes in the new Code, will make it “easier and more cost effective for digital communications providers to deploy and maintain the UK’s digital infrastructure”, the Government claims.  To access the proposals, click here.