Insights Competition and Markets Authority refreshes its Digital Markets Strategy

The strategy is a refresh of the CMA’s June 2019 Digital Markets Strategy. The refresh document sets out the CMA’s aims and key priorities across its digital markets work, as well as an update on the work completed since its last strategy. The CMA says that its overarching ambition, set out in the refreshed Digital Markets Strategy, is to build and establish the new Digital Markets Unit within the CMA. The strategy includes detail on work to support this aim including:

  • work to develop the new pro-competition regulatory framework for digital markets, to establish the new DMU function within the CMA, and to prepare for the proposed regime for firms with Strategic Market Status;
  • consumer and antitrust enforcement, market studies and merger assessment;
  • the work of the Data, Technology, and Analytics Unit;
  • the CMA’s work with Ofcom and the ICO through the Digital Regulation Cooperation Forum to deliver effective, efficient and coherent regulation across digital markets, for the benefit of industry and consumers; and
  • the CMA’s international work to strengthen cooperation with competition and consumer authorities overseas across its work on digital markets.

To access the refreshed strategy in full, click here.