Insights Competition and Markets Authority launches market study into mobile ecosystems in the UK

The CMA explains that “mobile ecosystems” refers to the collection of gateways through which consumers can access a variety of products, content and services, such as music, TV and video streaming, as well as fitness tracking, shopping and banking. These products also include other technology and devices, such as smart speakers, smart watches, home security and lighting (which mobiles can connect to and control).

Through its market study, the CMA is assessing potential sources of harm to consumers within four broad themes:

  1. competition in the supply of mobile devices and operating systems;
  2. competition in the distribution of mobile apps;
  3. competition in the supply of mobile browsers and browser engines; and
  4. the role of Apple and Google in competition between app developers.

The CMA is inviting comments from interested parties by 26 July 2021 on the issues raised in the Statement of Scope. For further details, click here.