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Wiggin is delighted to see The Children Act, a new film on which the firm acted as both lawyers and executive producer, released into UK cinemas today. Wiggin worked on the project from the earliest stage of development in 2015 and sourced the financing and distribution for the film from BBC Films and FilmNation, as well as providing legal services throughout.

Based on the Ian McEwan novel of the same name and starring Emma Thompson and Stanley Tucci, The Children Act premiered in London on 16 August 2018, and has received a raft of positive reviews.

This is the latest in a line of projects executive produced by Charles Moore. Wiggin’s first foray into executive production on Alan Bennett’s The History Boys led to the firm being awarded the Financial Times’ Innovative Lawyers of the Year and he has subsequently acted as executive producer on several feature films including The Eagle and Lady in the Van.

Moore’s extensive experience in the industry led to the establishment of Wiggin’s executive production arm, Viewfinder, which offers a dedicated service to producers, creative talent and IP owners across both individual projects and slates.

In addition to the executive producing role, Dan Whybrew, Alex LeaJo Tanswell, Claire Livingstone and Melissa Frost of the firm’s film and music groups worked on the production and music legals for the film and are all rightly credited in the end titles.

Moore said, “Wiggin has a well established reputation in the film industry worldwide and Viewfinder allows us to leverage our knowledge and relationships to help content owners find the right home for their projects. Having been involved with The Children Act since 2015 and working hand-in-hand with the producer Duncan Kenworthy throughout the process, it is particularly satisfying to see the film released to such a warm reception. It’s an extraordinary  film that will surely see a lot of commercial and critical success and one of which Wiggin can be proud to be have been so intimately involved. “