News Wiggin represents PRS for Music in proceedings against SoundCloud

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Media, technology and IP law firm Wiggin LLP is advising PRS for Music on its lawsuit against SoundCloud.

In a message sent to its members, PRS for Music commented: “Our aim is always to license services when they use our members’ music. It has been a difficult decision to begin legal action against SoundCloud but one we firmly believe is in the best, long-term interests of our membership. This is because it is important we establish the principle that a licence is required when services make available music to users.”

“We have asked SoundCloud numerous times to recognise their responsibilities to take a licence to stop the infringement of our members’ copyrights but so far our requests have not been met. Therefore we now have no choice but to pursue the issue through the courts.”

Wiggin IP Partner Simon Baggs leads the team who will advise PRS for Music. Simon is a leading media litigator, who specialises in the protection of rights and IP online. He is also the co-founder of Incopro, an innovative IP protection company that uses technology and analytics to protect IP owners. Wiggin’s IP team won the UK category for copyright at the recent Managing IP Awards, and Simon was recently announced as one of the lawyers shortlisted in the Legal Innovator category for this year’s FT Innovative Lawyers Awards.