News Wiggin and Hiscox partner to create a comprehensive guide to managing risk for advertising, marketing and communications businesses

Specialist media and technology law firm Wiggin has partnered with specialist insurer Hiscox to create a guide helping small and medium-sized enterprises manage the risks associated with advertising, marketing and communications activities

Click here to download the guide, which addresses the key risks for marketing and communications businesses in today’s increasingly online world, from copyright and IP protection to the importance of using a proper contract when recruiting freelance staff and the risks linked to the Data Protection Act.

Ross Sylvester, Partner and Advertising and Marketing Specialist at Wiggin, comments: “While the ever expanding online environment brings a world of opportunities for small businesses, it also comes with challenges, which, if not addressed, can present real risks to a business’s income and reputation. SMEs will not often have legal expertise in-house, and this can leave them in a very vulnerable position. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to partner with Hiscox and produce this guide, which will give SMEs an insight into the type of risks associated with marketing communications activities.”