News Protecting Your Rights Online – how significant is the Cartier appeal judgment?

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The Court of Appeal handed down its judgment in Cartier v BSkyB on 6 July.  The Court of Appeal has confirmed that trade mark owners can obtain orders requiring internet service providers to block access to websites selling counterfeit goods online. The judgment is a significant success for brand owners and has broader implications for those seeking to protect their rights online.

Our next Breakfast Briefing will:

  • Explain the issues considered by the Court of Appeal
  • Analyse the key findings in the judgment
  • Consider the implications of the judgment  for those seeking to enforce their rights in the online environment
  • Explain why site blocking orders are an effective, cost efficient and adaptable means of tackling online infringement
  • Provide insight into how this important remedy could be used in the future.

Event information


Thursday 21 July 2016


08:15 – arrival
08.45  – start


The Met Building
22 Percy Street
London, W1T 2BU

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