Insights UK Data Protection and Digital Information Bill: carry over motion


As previously reported by Wiggin, the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill (“DPDI”) is currently making its way through the legislative process. It has completed its passage through the House of Commons, where amendments were adopted, and has had its first and second readings in the House of Lords. The date for the next stage in the House of Lords, the Committee Stage, is still yet to be announced.

The first version of the DPDI was published in the Summer of 2022 but was withdrawn. The second version of the Bill (“DPDI No.2”) had its first reading in the House of Commons on 8 March 2023. In November 2023, it was carried over to the next session of Parliament (renamed back to “DPDI”). According to the rules, the DPDI will lapse on 8 March 2024, 12 months from its first reading in the House of Commons. To ensure that does not happen, on 7 February 2024, the Government brought a “carry over motion” in the House of Commons extending the time before which the DPDI will lapse by 280 days to 12 December 2024. If the DPDI is not passed by then, when the UK is due for a general election, it will lapse and it will then be up to the next government to decide which way data protection law should develop in the UK.

The reason for the delay is not clear. Certainly, the House of Lords is currently tabling several amendments to be considered at Committee Stage.

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