Insights PRS for Music announces that the licence for members performing their own works in small online ticketed concerts will be free of charge


Last week, we reported on the launch by PRS for Music of its new small-scale online live concert licence. This week, the PRS has announced that, having listened to feedback from songwriter and composer members, the licence for members performing exclusively their own works at an online ticketed live concert where they will receive all the royalties due will be free of charge.

PRS for Music says that the free licence will be available to any individual concert which qualifies for the small-scale licence, with revenues below £500, throughout the period the live sector is forced to close due to the COVID-19 crisis where the qualifying member is the performer.

PRS for Music says that in what is a rapidly developing part of the market, this means that performing writers will have the latitude to test the online concert market to find a model that works for them. It also allows them to more easily hold a concert in support of others in the industry, such as charity gigs.

The announcement is in addition to the decision previously announced that PRS for Music will not be seeking to historically license small-scale online concerts which took place throughout 2020. This means that any artist or venue which held a small online live concert will not have to obtain a licence retrospectively. To read the announcement in full, click here.