HomeInsightsOfcom sets out its position on the future of mobile markets and spectrum

Ofcom has published conclusions on meeting future demand for mobile data, setting out its future approach to mobile markets and the role of spectrum in enabling mobile internet growth, following consultation on its initial views earlier this year.

Ofcom says that it expects growth in mobile internet access provided by the four national mobile network operators (MNOs) to continue in the UK, with more demand for data-hungry services and greater use of new technologies. The regulator believes that competition will continue to deliver positive outcomes.

However, Ofcom says, as new technologies develop, the way competition functions in the mobile sector could change quickly. Accordingly, it will continue to monitor how well markets operate as they evolve.

To help customers decide which mobile provider they use, Ofcom says that it will continue its work to develop better information on network quality, including by using crowdsourced data, to encourage providers to improve the way they meet customers’ needs. The regulator has also confirmed that its stance on any future mobile merger would be informed by the specific circumstances of that particular merger, rather than just the number of competitors.

Finally, Ofcom has set out that it will consider where, and when, additional spectrum may be needed and it will take other competing uses into account in its future spectrum management decisions. To access the conclusions, click here.