Insights Ofcom seeks views on how to maximise the long-term value of Terahertz spectrum

Terahertz spectrum sits between around 100 GHz and 3 THz, at the very top of the spectrum range currently authorised for use. Currently, it is used for limited scientific applications, including to deliver high-sensitivity measurements for weather forecasting and climate change predictions. However, advances in technology are starting to open up further opportunities.

Ofcom says that Terahertz spectrum could, for example, enable terabit-speed downloads for very short-range computer communication, robotic controls, autonomous vehicles, high-definition holographics and high-speed wireless data distribution. There are also promising applications likely to evolve in 6G networks.

To help realise the full benefits of Terahertz, Ofcom says that it intends to ensure its approach to managing spectrum is as flexible and efficient as possible, both to enable existing services to grow as well as supporting innovative new ones. Further, Ofcom says that the unique properties and capabilities of new technologies mean the rules and approaches to spectrum authorisation that apply at lower frequencies need not dictate the way it approaches the authorisation and use of Terahertz spectrum. Greater collaboration and cooperation between the different types of emerging spectrum users in these bands will be essential in underpinning an alternative approach.

Ofcom would welcome views from individuals or organisations on how best to maximise the potential of Terahertz spectrum via For further information on spectrum management, click here.