Insights Ofcom publishes Statement on quick, easy and reliable switching via a new “One Touch Switch” process

Ofcom says that people should be able to switch telecoms provider easily to take advantage of the range of services available. Easier switching allows people to shop around with confidence to find the best price and service for their needs. Difficulties in the switching process can put people off moving providers. Effective switching is also important to support competitive investment in, and take-up of, faster and more reliable broadband.

In February 2021, Ofcom consulted on proposals for a new switching process for residential landline and broadband customers. It also proposed some limited changes to the information mobile providers must give residential customers when they want to switch.

In September 2021, Ofcom published its final decisions on these changes, including its requirement for a new “One Touch Switch” process where landline and broadband customers will only need to contact their new provider to switch. Ofcom also consulted on proposed changes to the General Conditions to give effect to its decisions on broadband and landline, and mobile, switching.

Ofcom has now published its final decisions on the changes to the General Conditions, which will come into force on 3 April 2023. To read Ofcom’s Statement in full and for links to the revised General Conditions and Guidance, click here.