Insights Ofcom publishes its annual “Pricing Trends” report for 2020 and consults on proposals to protect customers in debt or at risk of disconnection

The annual report provides analysis of what people paid for their broadband and phone services in 2020. Ofcom’s research shows that, in general, broadband and mobile customers are getting better services while prices have been falling in recent years. However, Ofcom says, many people on low incomes are struggling to pay, and not all are getting the support they need. New data collected on the affordability of communications services shows that around two million households struggle to afford internet access.

Ofcom says that it welcomes the action some companies have taken since it reported last year on the challenges some people face. However, it says that there is considerable variation in the support available for customers who may be in debt or struggling to pay their bills. Accordingly, Ofcom is considering whether the protections in place for customers in debt or at risk of disconnection should be strengthened and has invited all interested parties to share their views on this. The call for inputs closes on 30 September 2021. To read Ofcom’s press release in full, click here. To access the report, click here. To access the call for inputs, click here.