Insights Ofcom publishes decision on licence fees for the 412–414 MHz and 422–424 MHz paired spectrum

Following a consultation which closed on 16 July 2021, Ofcom has set the fees for this spectrum, which is licensed to Arqiva and Airwave.

Arqiva won this spectrum in a 2006 auction, with a 15-year initial licence period. The initial period comes to an end in October 2021, at which point an annual licence fee will become payable. Arqiva traded the spectrum with Airwave in 2008, making Airwave the co-licensee.

Ofcom has decided to set an annual licence fee of £396,000 per MHz per year for the 412 MHz spectrum, which is based on the fees Business Radio users already pay for a UK-wide licence in nearby bands.

The annual licence fee will apply from 31 October 2021. To read Ofcom’s statement in full, click here.