Insights Ofcom consults on new proposals to help people boost mobile signals indoors


Ofcom explains that people struggling for a mobile signal indoors will be able to buy a wider range of “mobile repeaters” under its new proposals. Indoor mobile repeaters are devices used to boost a mobile signal and are typically used in residential properties. They can help people and businesses who struggle to get good mobile reception indoors.

In 2018 Ofcom authorised the use of mobile repeaters, as long as they met certain technical requirements. Ofcom is now proposing to amend those requirements, to extend the range of devices that people would be able to purchase legally. This would provide more choice for people who are looking to boost their indoor mobile signal and potentially bring down the cost of devices.

Ofcom is also consulting on proposals to help make it easier for people to see which devices meet the technical requirements and are therefore legal to purchase. This would help to prevent people buying illegal devices, which could cause harmful interference with other wireless equipment.

The consultation closes at 5pm on 28 July 2021. To access the proposals and for details on how to contribute to the consultation, click here.