Insights Ofcom consults on its provisional view on the possible future use of 1900-1920 MHz spectrum


Ofcom explains that this spectrum is currently unused, which is not optimal. Accordingly, the regulator is considering how it might enable it to be used in the future.

To achieve optimal use of the spectrum, Ofcom says that it thinks it might be appropriate to revoke current licences so that it can reallocate it. Ofcom’s provisional view is that there is potential for this spectrum to be used by emergency services, railways or the utilities sector.

Ofcom welcomes views on the points set out in the consultation and any other relevant considerations relating to this spectrum. The deadline for responses is 25 May 2023.

Subject to consideration of the responses it receives, Ofcom plans to reach a conclusion on optimal use of the unpaired 2100 MHz spectrum and how best to achieve it in early 2024. To access the consultation, click here.