Insights Ofcom consults on changes to its Adults’ Media Literacy Tracker

Ofcom is proposing changes to the methodology for its Adults’ Media Literacy Tracker survey.

Ofcom’s Adults’ Media Literacy Tracker provides detailed evidence on media use, attitudes and understanding among UK adults. Until 2019, fieldwork was conducted once a year through face-to-face interviews. In 2020, Ofcom suspended face-to-face fieldwork due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and to ensure the safety of everyone involved. In 2020, fieldwork was split between post to web and post to paper methodologies and an online panel.

Given changes to the media landscape, Ofcom wants to take this opportunity to refresh and future-proof its Media Literacy research surveys, to ensure it collects the most timely, relevant and insightful information possible. It is reviewing what it asks and how it asks it and is looking to make the most of new and emerging research tools and techniques.

In brief, Ofcom is proposing to split the existing Adults’ Media Literacy tracker into three shorter surveys. These are:

  • a core tracker: conducted face-to-face and online, once a year;
  • an online behaviours and attitudes tracker: conducted via an online panel, twice a year; and
  • an online knowledge and understanding tracker: conducted via an online panel, once a year.

The consultation closes at 4 pm on 25 March 2021. To access the proposals and for information on how to provide feedback, click here.