Insights Music streaming: European Parliament calls for EU rules to promote fairness


As reported by Wiggin previously, in June 2023, the European Parliament CULT Committee published a draft report on cultural diversity and the conditions for authors in the European music streaming market. The report was adopted by the Committee in December 2023 and, on 17 January 2024, the European Parliament voted to adopt the report.

The report examines issues relating to a sustainable ecosystem for authors (such as contractual practices and the use of metadata), prominence and discoverability of European musical works, reducing the carbon footprint of digital music, and ethical use of AI. Parliament makes several calls on the Commission to legislate, including calls to revise existing pre-digital royalty rates to ensure fair pay for authors; to ensure the prominence and visibility of European musical works on digital platforms; to ensure transparency in platform operation both in terms of making their algorithms and recommendation tools transparent and by way of identifying AI generated works; and to ensure musical diversity by boosting access to independent music and less popular music genres.

The report will now be forwarded to the European Commission and Council.

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