Insights Information Commissioner’s Office and South Korea’s Personal Information Protection Commission (PIPC) sign Memorandum of Understanding

The ICO says that co-operation between international data protection authorities is essential in times of global data-driven business and the MoU with PIPC builds on the existing strong collaboration between the two authorities. The MoU comes after the PIPC was restructured as an independent data protection authority in Korea following the amendment to three data protection laws, and at a time of increasing trade between the UK and Korea.

The MoU sets out how the authorities will continue to share experiences and best practice, cooperate on specific projects of interest, and share information or intelligence to support their regulatory work.

The ICO says that the MoU will not involve the sharing of personal data and is in line with the ICO’s legal responsibilities. It fits firmly with the UK commitment to protect the personal data of its citizens, while enabling the opportunities of digital innovation.

The ICO also notes and welcomes the announcement today that the UK and South Korea have reached an agreement in principle on adequacy. The UK Government is responsible for the adequacy process with other countries, and the ICO says that it will support and assist in line with its defined role in the adequacy process. To read the ICO’s press release in full and for a link to the MoU, click here.