Insights Impress publishes updated Standards Code


The press standards body Impress says that after a thorough review process involving consultation with members of the public, civil society, academics, journalists, and other industry stakeholders, it has implemented several changes to its Standards Code that it says will “help to build trust and improve safety and accountability in the industry, while covering a wider range of digital news creators”.

The changes include guidance on:

  • AI and emerging technologies;
  • tougher measures on tackling misinformation;
  • bolstering safeguarding guidelines;
  • lowering the discrimination threshold; and
  • ensuring publications are held to account when the Code is breached.

The Chair of Impress, Richard Ayre, said:

“With more news, more sources, more publishers, more opinions than ever before, the opportunities for journalism are limitless. But nothing’s easier for a journalist to lose than public trust.

“This new Code sets the highest ethical standards for Impress publishers, large and small, and whatever their point of view, so the public can confidently engage with the news of today, and tomorrow.” To read Impress’s press release in full and for a link to the updated Code, click here.