Insights House of Lords International Agreements Select Committee re-opens call for evidence on trade negotiations between UK and New Zealand

As the Government sets out ambitious plans to agree a trade agreement with New Zealand, the Committee is continuing to invite evidence on the negotiations.

Questions the committee is inviting evidence on include:

  • Does the  Agreement in Principle published on 20 October 2021 (see item above) deliver on UK interests, including those of the devolved nations? What are the costs and benefits? How reliable do you find the Government’s assessment of the potential impacts set out in its Strategic Approach?
  • What assessment would you make of the commitments in the consumer protection chapter?
  • Will the IP chapter in the agreement provide adequate protections for UK products, artists and performers? Will it protect the UK’s existing IP standards?
  • How will small and medium-sized businesses be impacted by the Agreement?
  • How do you assess the commitments included in the environmental chapter? Are they sufficiently ambitious?
  • In your view, could the deal have an impact on the operation of the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland and, if so, how?

The Committee is accepting written submissions until 5 pm on 26 November 2021. To access the call for evidence, click here.