Insights British Esports Federation announces partnership with NSPCC


The British Esports Federation has announced a partnership with the NSPCC to safeguard children in esports. It follows the inaugural Safeguarding in Esports Conference earlier this year, which sought to raise awareness of safeguarding and online safety within esports and develop best practices within the industry.

The announcement states that the partnership has arisen in part due to a growing concern about the risk of young people generally being vulnerable to online grooming, and with 89% of children playing video games in the UK there is a need to work towards an “industry standard that will place safeguarding at the centre of all activities within the esports ecosystem”. As Chester King, President of British Esports, has said, “in comparison to traditional sport, esports is a long way behind in its understanding, organisation and implementation of safeguarding practices.”

As part of the collaboration, a new guide will be published to help parents understand the world of esports. In addition, it is anticipated that safeguarding initiatives and guidance will be introduced. It is also hoped that the esports industry will benefit from an equivalent to the existing Child Protection in Sport Unit that exists within the NSPCC and works with traditional sports clubs to secure the safety of children in sport.

Commenting on the announcement, Sir Peter Wanless, CEO of the NSPCC, said that “Esports arenas are clearly where an increasing number of children are spending time. Therefore, we must be there too, working in partnership to keep them safe and building the fundamentals of safeguarding into the governance of esports just as we have done in traditional sport.”

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