Insights Digital Regulation Cooperation Forum (DRCF) launches technology horizon scanning programme


The DRCF has launched a technology horizon scanning programme to provide a coherent view of new and emerging digital markets and technologies. The DRCF says that digital innovation drives significant benefits for consumers, businesses, and the wider economy. The roles of the regulators are becoming increasingly important to ensure that consumers’ and citizens’ interests are at the heart of digital innovation. To do this well, they need to keep pace with the changes in digital and online services.

The DRCF has already made good progress in collating and synthesising the digital research and knowledge of its four member organisations (the CMA, ICO, Ofcom and FCA). However, there are benefits for regulators, consumers and industry from the DRCF doing more to join up thinking on future technologies. Accordingly, it is launching a horizon-scanning programme to build its collective knowledge and understanding of emerging digital developments.

To gain the widest possible range of views, the DRCF is also launching an “always open” line of communication through a new mailbox The information received will help shape the DRCF’s priorities and inform future joint work. For further information, click here.