Insights DCMS House of Commons Select Committee publishes follow-up Report in relation to its inquiry into the Economics of music streaming


The follow-up Report, to which the Government has two months to respond, essentially states that more focus is still needed on ensuring creators and performers receive a fairer cut of the money made from streaming music and calls for the establishment of a wide-ranging national strategy for music.

The DCMS Committee examined the progress made since its initial Report in July 2021, which called for artists to be given a legal right to a more equal share of revenues as part of a “complete reset” of the streaming market, and held an evidence session in November 2022 with policy experts and industry.

While welcoming the advances made by the Government, including the involvement of stakeholders through the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) and the undertaking of further research, the Committee’s follow-up Report highlights frustrations with the lack of discussion on core issues such as artists’ pay.

Accordingly, the Report calls for the establishment of working groups on remuneration and performer rights, alongside more transparency for the groups already set up and greater departmental and ministerial involvement.

The Committee also warns that the current approach to cultural policy making is too “scatter-gun” to be effective. In the Committee’s view, the Government should take a more proactive strategic role and develop a national strategy for music which includes an assessment of the impact of digital technology on musicians, songwriters and composers, and on the music industry’s potential for growth. To read the Committee’s press release in full and for links to the follow-up Report, click here.