HomeInsightsCompetition and Markets Authority announces appointment of Technical Expert to support in monitoring compliance with Google’s binding commitments in relation to Privacy Sandbox

On 5 October, the CMA confirmed that it has approved the appointment of S-RM Intelligence and Risk Consulting Ltd by the Monitoring Trustee (ING Bank NV) as an independent Technical Expert to support the Monitoring Trustee in monitoring compliance with the following provisions of the binding commitments from Google accepted by the CMA on 11 February 2022:

  1. Google’s use of data (paragraphs 25 to 27);
  2. non-discrimination (paragraphs 30 to 31); and (with respect to the above provisions)
  • anti-circumvention (paragraph 33).

The CMA says that the role of the Technical Expert is to provide specialised knowledge to support the Monitoring Trustee, particularly in relation to monitoring of data flows, and understanding the possible impacts of the Privacy Sandbox changes on ad tech markets. To access the CMA Privacy Sandbox page on its website, click here.