Insights Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation publishes update blog post on its work

In the blog post, the CDEI says that since publication of the National Data Strategy (see item above) in September 2020, it has been helping to progress several of the priorities set out therein. For example, it has been working with the Central Digital and Data Office as it seeks to develop an approach to algorithmic transparency, which will play a part in enabling the UK to secure a trusted data regime.

The blog post then goes on to update on how the CDEI has been helping realise Mission 1 of the National Data Strategy: to unlock the value of data across the economy.

The CDEI has been exploring how to maximise the value of data for the public good as the UK emerges from the pandemic in a way that earns public trust. It has helped shape research into how the Government can increase access to data held across the economy and working with the Government to explore mechanisms that enable trustworthy use and sharing of data, including governance arrangements, such as data intermediaries, and technically-focused solutions, including privacy enhancing technologies (PETs).

In particular, the CDEI has been working on the following:

  • PETs: how PETS can be most effectively deployed in practice to enable trustworthy and safe data use and remove barriers to data sharing, e.g. by manging the risks associated with sharing commercially sensitive and personal data;
  • data intermediaries: exploring the role of data intermediaries in enabling trustworthy sharing of data, e.g. working with the DCMS on the Online Safety Bill;
  • Smart Data: working with BEIS to identify and develop the features of trustworthy Smart Data schemes, drawing upon its data ethics and public attitudes expertise; and
  • public engagement: feedback to the response to the National Data Strategy consultation confirmed that building and maintaining public trust will be key to unlocking the power of data; the CDEI recently committed to increasing its public engagement efforts through its new Public Attitudes Insights Team.

The consultation on the National Data Strategy sought views on the CDEI’s proposed future functions (including providing practical support for interventions in the tech landscape and monitoring uses of AI and data-driven technology) and statutory status. The DCMS will release further detail on this in the coming period, along with an updated work programme. To read the blog post in full, click here.