Insights Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) adopts Guidelines on Geographical surveys of network deployments


At its 46th plenary meeting (11-12 March 2021), BEREC adopted the Guidelines, which are for National Regulatory Authorities and deal with the consistent application of the obligation to provide geographical surveys of the reach of electronic communications networks capable of delivering broadband, and the forecasts of the reach of broadband networks, including very high capacity networks (VHCN).

The document covers the optional policies that national regulatory and other competent authorities can adopt, such as informing private and public agents of the non-availability of VHCN in areas with precise boundaries, and inviting agents to declare intentions to deploy VHCNs in these areas.

The Guidelines aim to set out a common understanding of these provisions, guidance on how to designate areas and on the procedures to be followed in publishing information and inviting agents to declare their intentions to invest in order to ensure that such procedures are efficient, objective, transparent and non-discriminatory, whereby no undertaking is excluded a priori. To access the Guidelines, click here.