HomeInsightsAdvertising Standards Authority, Committees of Advertising Practice and Ofcom sign Memorandum of Advertising on cooperation and information sharing in communications markets


This MoU details how the ASA, CAP and Ofcom will work together on an informal basis to cooperate and share information where relevant in relation to the communications industries (these include broadcasting (TV and radio), telecommunications and postal services).

The parties believe that by outlining this process of engagement in writing it will facilitate and encourage cooperation and information sharing, thereby enhancing their ability to exercise their respective functions.

The document is a statement of intent that does not give rise to legally binding obligations on either Party. It states that, subject to any legal restrictions on the disclosure of information, each party will endeavour to alert the other to potential breaches of legislation, conditions or Code rules they become aware of while undertaking regulatory duties and provide supporting information. They agree to communicate regularly to discuss matters of mutual interest and work together to find appropriate ways to protect consumers in communications markets by sharing information, cross-referencing each other’s literature and guidance where relevant, and answering specific queries. To access the MoU, click here.