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Since Incopro was set up in 2012, by Simon Baggs, IP and Litigation Partner at Wiggin and co-founder Bret Boivin, the business has gone from strength to strength as a key player in the brand protection market. They have since raised $21m in one of the highest ever investments in UK legal tech and now protect an enormously diverse range of over 600 brands varying from rugs to drill bits.   

The company started off by licensing its technology which scanned the internet for websites that engaged in wholesale copyright infringement, to a select customer base and then later launched its brand protection product Talisman, in 2015. This has led to large growth and expansion, building on offices across the UK, US and China and growing to over 160 employees. Talisman uses machine learning which scans the internet for counterfeit products across a number of channels including online marketplaces, websites, app stores and social media.

Simon Baggs emphasises that “a company experiencing 1000 infringements might want to know about them all, but one facing a million infringements is likely more concerned about the primary problem area.” Talisman supports the need for brands understanding the root of the infringement by uncovering large counterfeit networks with it’s technology.

With Incopro “processing over ten million potential infringements a month”, sights are on further expansion with offices in Los Angeles, New York and another in Japan, as well as constantly developing their existing product.

“We basically release a new version of our product every month. Brand protection to me is – although the most obvious example is fakes – about protecting the brand online and a broader understanding of that. Our ambitions are to enhance the technology, build in more features, but also broaden the product range.”

Simon Baggs, Co-Founder and Chief Executive, Incopro

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