Expertise Rights Protection

We recognise that in the digital age, in particular, your right to control and exploit the investment you make in what consumers enjoy is under threat. We’re committed to finding practical and legal solutions to ensure that you keep control. Where necessary, we’ll fight to ensure that your rights are protected and enforced.

As content proliferates online, the focus on securing protection that is scalable and proportionate becomes increasingly important.  Not every online issue is the same – focusing on impact is essential.

Our work for the content owners across various industry sectors has delivered many of the most important UK developments in this area. We’ve spearheaded cases that confirm how laws are to be applied in the online environment and have established precedents to ensure that online intermediaries also play their part.

We believe that digital platforms need to play a more meaningful role in content protection.

The debates over online harms and the Digital Services Act will play out now over several years. We are following these developments closely and we are here to help you navigate this minefield and understand the impact on your business.

Our work in this area has had far reaching implications in other jurisdictions too.  We work with our global network of like-minded lawyers to exchange ideas and coordinate actions, recognising the global nature of the internet and the international markets in which our clients operate.