Insights Ofcom publishes its assessment of BBC Studios’ lines of business


Ofcom says that it considers that BBC Studios’ reduction of its lines of business from five to two, which involved combining its production and distribution activities, is consistent with other production companies of a similar size and scope. Ofcom therefore concluded that the revised lines of business are appropriate.

Ofcom is also introducing a new requirement for the BBC to provide Ofcom with three months’ notice of any future changes to its commercial subsidiaries, or its lines of business. This means that if the regulator considers that any such changes are inconsistent with its rules or the Charter and Agreement, it is able to step in to prevent them.

Given developments both in the media landscape and in BBC Studios over the past few years, Ofcom is carrying out a broader review to assess the relationship between BBC Studios, including the newly combined production and distribution line of business, and the Public Service. It expects to publish its findings this summer. To read Ofcom’s statement in full and for a link to information on the broader review, click here.